Anyone who was watching the 2017 Oscars now knows that January 26th is a date that will not be forgotten that easily. Everyone looked gorgeous, the dresses were stunning and the suits were on point. Many awards were given to the rightful winners, and it sure was great to see the excitement on everyone’s face. Even though the 89th edition of the Oscars did not exactly go perfect and flawless, it was a great ever as it is every year. Speaking of perfectly flawless, guess who’s creations were presented at the Oscars? Yes, RB EXCLUSIVE was there, showing off the bowties, which have brought tuxedos to a whole new level. The worn bowties, the all black and the one with integrated Swarowski elements once again were a luxuriously beautiful addition to an elegant outfit. Tying a bowtie is now history. The carbon fiber designs are strong and durable yet light, which makes them comfortable to wear. We were very happy to receive many amazing celebrity responses to the designs. The carbon fiber bowties are also available on the webshop.

It’s artistry, it’s style, it’s RB EXCLUSIVE’s Black Diamond Art.