RB EXCLUSIVE – Grammy Awards 2017

Everyone who was watching the Grammys from the comfort of their home couches has noticed what an extraordinary event it was this year, maybe even more than usual. From outrageous dresses to bold political statements, we have seen it all at the 2017 59th edition of the Grammy Awards. Luckily, RB EXCLUSIVE had an opportunity to witness the event, in terms of showcasing some designs. A product innovation, the carbon fiber bowties, were worn as an incredibly stylish alternative for the ordinary bowtie. The moment of never having to know how to tie the tie and yet look very elegant is finally here. This carbon fiber is strong and light, and is the earlier stage of diamond, making this product the very essence of luxury. The presented bowties were an all-black bowtie and one with Swarowski® elements in the middle. On the back of the bowties there is a comfortable elastic band placed, which makes complicated tying no longer a necessity. This product is a definite eye catcher as an elegant addition to your tuxedo that receive various positive responses while presented at the Grammy Awards.

Irina Kopylova – International Media