RB EXCLUSIVE – Style Fashion Week New York

One of the more exciting things for a respected designer is to demonstrate his creations on a Fashion Week. Especially out there in the world class cities where all the “big boys” gather every once in a while, in the cities of opportunities. This year RB EXCLUSIVE is proud to have been on the New York catwalks during the Style Fashion Week. The brand walked along with other innovative designers that were showcasing their work. One of them was M THE MOVEMENT. This combination was to bring out the best out of both brand. We surely did rock the stage together. RB EXCLUSIVE presented fashionable, yet timeless pieces that would perfectly accompany your stylish self. The collections offers a wide variety of products, such as bags of bigger and smaller size, clutches, necklaces, bracelets etc. Some designs were decorated with Swarowski® crystals or durable metal for additional luxurious accents. Every accessory has been created out of carbon fiber, which is an earlier state of diamond and is strong and durable, yet very light and comfortable to wear. Black Diamond Art is a style, RB Exclusive is a lifestyle.


Irina Kopylova – International Media